10 miles, flowers, clean apt

How is everyone today?? To be honest, I am a negative, negative Nancy Emily. Bleh. My SAD (Season Affective Disorder) is in full force (being stuck at home jobless makes it A LOT easier to sit in front of my sun lamp!!!) and having no schedule is no good for me. Blech. I have been really productive (workouts, cleaning, job applying, informational interviews, reading) but it is a mental battle and exhausting. Major blah. It doesnt help that most of the country has had record heat for several days. Get.me.out.of.Seattle. Sorry. Had to get that out.

But that is why it is important to identify some good things. So here are three wonderful happy things.

1. 10 miles. I ran ten 10 miles on Sunday in the rain. But it never is so bad once I get going. REMEMBER THIS SELF!!! The whole time I was running I was thinking that I felt out of shape. 10 miles felt HARD. But looking at the times, that is because I was running pretty fast miles. Well kinda. This time last year I set my half-marathon PR of somewhere like 47 mines. I didnt train for it really. It just happened. I think my negative attitude is sucking everything out of me. I didnt get a side stitch like last weeks 10-miler. So that is good!!!! My legs are SORE today weird. They usually arent so sore after running. Go figure. But good times, I like them!

2. Flowers. My mom and dad sent me flowers last week. I LOVE getting flowers. Oh my god. Seriously. SO HAPPY.

3. Clean apt. The funny thing about me and cleaning is that I actually enjoy it once I get going but it is really hard for me to get going! Saturday I dominated my apartment!!! YES. Pretty. Kinda blurry phone pic but trust me. Its clean!!! Except for the shower. For another day!

Im off to cook some dinner. My vision: quinoa, roasted asparagus + broc + kale + squash + zucchini, smoked gouda, topped with two over-easy eggs. Makes me feel French when I eat like that. I enjoy feeling French.

Tell me something that is good in your world that DOES NOT involve the weather.


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