101 posts, cherry blossoms, salmon!!

Happy Thursday! For all you working peeps it is almost the weekend!!! For me, it is just another day of cover letters and job searching. Oh and rain. Lots of rain. But this is about HAPPINESS. Lets go!

#1. 101 posts. This is my 101st post. Thats cool and all Ive got to say about that.

#2. Cherry blossoms. DC isnt the only place for cherry blossoms! The University of Washington campus has a beautiful area covered in them. I havent been to DC to see the cherry blossoms so I cant make any comparisons BUT they sure are pretty. Note: this picture was NOT taken today!! The clouds cleared a bit last week and I went on an adventure so enjoy the sun.

#3. Salmon. I LOVE salmon. So I jumped on a livingsocial deal for salmon from the famous Pike Place Fish Market. Yes. The place where they throw fish. And yes. They do. Perhaps you remember them from the opening of Real World Seattle? Or seen them in employee training materials?? Well they are famous. So I bought some fish! SALMON!! Salmon is my favorite food. Well one of them. BUT specifically when my dad grills salmon. And sushi. Well I bought some and grilled it on my George Foreman. Dad does a better job. And I bought smoked salmon jerky!!! Sounds bizarre and Ive never had any kind of other jerky. But I LOVE IT. It is so flavorful. Im not sure I would have salmon jerky that is processed and mass-produced but this is REALLY fresh and no weird chemical stuff.

Thats all I got! Im going to read Evening is the Whole Day. I have been reading like crazy (and limiting my mindless TV). If you are on goodreads.com (and you should be) find me! Im ekoebnick.

Has anyone seen the DC cherry blossoms?!?!? Are they fabulous or tourist headache?? Have you had salmon jerky??


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