anxious sorta day

Today was a rough day. I didnt hear back from an internship I interviewed for two weeks ago. I followed up last week and they informed me a decision will be made today. I didnt hear back. Im assuming I didnt get it. Buuut I was so anxious all day. Constantly checking my phone and e-mail. I just hate being in internship limbo! Gah. All the anxiousness made me homesick, frustrated, and lonely. I also have stuff to get done for my classes but I couldnt concentrate. The afternoon ended with me calling it a day and going to the park to get some reading done with some dark chocolate and almond butter. However even that didnt make me feel better and I ended up calling my mom in tears. I cant figure out why I am so upset! It is the end of my second year of graduate school!! I should be happy!! I dont do well with change and as of right now I have no plans after Friday. I need something to look forward to some internship!

Okay so here is the challenge. Three little things that made me happy today:

I wore a cute dress

I ate Kabocha squash for dinner (one of my FAVORITE FOODS)

I had an arm sesh (nice a heavy) and a sweaty post-sunday run workout on the elip at the gym

Oh and tomorrow is a new day


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