Goodbye Mr. Degree Project and hello other classes

So on Thursday I submitted my degree project to my adviser. I think it is in final form it better be in final form!!! I still have to present the findings in a panel on Thursday buuuut I wrote it!!! Huuuuzzzah. In my graduate program a Degree Project is like a thesis. I focused my project on childhood obesity in the Latino community in King County. FYI King County is the county that includes Seattle. Basically it is a review of all the policies, programs, and organizations in King County that help prevent childhood obesity. Degree projects (and a thesis Im sure!) are quite the journey. I spent roughly 15-40 hours per week on this baby since February. I shed many a tear, made myself sick with stress, and became extremely unbalanced human being. AND IM DONE!!! So YES this makes me happy, happy, happy!!

So now that Im done with my degree project it turns out I have other classes! HUH!! Luckily I only have a take home exam (due Wednesday), a community engagement recommendations writing assignment (due Monday), and group editing for a Health Impact Assessment for a King County transit project. Doable. Completely doable. PHEW!

Last night my graduate program held a prom aka an end of the year CELEBRATION! It was great to see everyone outside of class! Here I am, no glasses and with make-up! I was exhausted but managed to get a ride (I dont have a car ) home nice and early instead of having to take the bus or calling a taxi. When people offer me rides home I am sooo thankful!!!!This morning I still got up for spinning. I only go to spinning on Saturdays because I am a runner (training for my second marathon starts tomorrow!) but I LOVE a good spinning session! HOT and SWEATY thank you very much!!! I followed spinning with paper writing at Starbucks using this baby:

No cash needed! A-Plus!

And then it happened I got back to my apartment for a nice shower and it turns out the sewer pump isnt working!! NOT GOOD! I live in a studio in the basement of a house. Think flooding bathroom, no shower, alarms (carbon dioxide and sewer overflow) and me running around naked trying to shut the alarms up!! It is slightly hard to make this into a positive experience but heres my best shot. My landlord worked for hours to make the pump functional enough that I dont have to go to a hotel! The sewer backup could have been MUCH WORSE! Really the flooding was minor and I didnt need a shower THAT bad! And it is actually warm out (Seattle has had an awful spring) so I can have the windows open without freezing so the smell of the sewer isnt awful. Currently I have to manually plug in the pump after I use water. So I am really paying attention to the water I use to limit the need for the pump! Gee I use a lot of water! This is a good lesson in the things (water) we take for granted.

The rest of my day consisted of:

Attempting productivity outside. Sun > productivity on stressful days full of poop (rarely can I be so literal with poop references)

And eating outside!! Nicest day of spring so I ate outside! Usually I dont feel like I should eat outside since I live in the basement of the house and I sorta feel like it is the owners space to enjoy. BUT I just so happen to know he is at a concert soooo I ate on the deck. Was lovely.


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