Hello 2011

My intentions are to post a couple things that made me happy since the last time Ive posted. Since this is my first post I will say welcome to my journey to happiness. You will get to know me better as I go, I promise.

My family makes me happy. I am having a hard day. You see, I am living in a certain city in the Pacific Northwest going to school and my family is in a certain northern Midwest city. When ever I come back from being home (I was home for a week for Christmas) I fall into a funk. I dont like the quiet of my apartment or the loneliness of running errands. Ive been here for a year and a half and rarely does a day go by that Im not homesick. I miss my parents, younger sister, cat and dog constantly. We are not the perfect family. We fight, we yell, we push each others buttons but I think it is all because we do love each other. I am very different from my family and that makes it hard. They dont always understand me and I dont always understand them. However, this blog is about the things that make me happy. If I didnt have such a great family I wouldnt be homesick or so lonely for them. My daily phone calls to my mom keep me sane.

Some other things that made me happy today: the SUN, eating oatbran in bed, new running shoes, house hunters international, and clean sheets.

Thats all for now. Classes start again tomorrow and I have a todo list that includes laundry, meal prep, pizza making


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