La Isla, Great Harvest Bread, Flowers

Why hello there. Yes, I finished my final. Yes, Im done. Nice. I spent yesterday and today looking for/applying for jobs. Nothing is biting. Ive applied for so many (42!) and naaaada. Anyone know any really cool people working in public health or health policy that would like to do an informational phone interview?? I REFUSE to be passive about looking for a job. So, informational interviews = networking. And I enjoy them! Social contact is cool. Seriously. Hook me up!

Anyway. Yesterday was a rough day. Part of the reason was that I was frustrated at myself for not being in the best mood since I FINISHED TWO GRADUATE DEGREES. But I was crabby and sad. Today was much better. I am much happier/positive today. So here are some things that I think helped with my mood!

#1. La Isla. La Isla is a Puerto Rican restaurant in the Ballard neighborhood in Seattle. My aunt was in town for business so she wanted to take me out for dinner. OKAY! Dont have to ask me twice! I had my little heart set on the salmon. Seriously. I was dreaming about it. We got there and they were out of salmon. Period. Out. WTF? In 2.5 years living in Seattle Ive gone out to eat about 10 times so when I get to go out, I mean business. I was one sad girl. BUT I had the ceviche picante. I love ceviche! I had it in South America so it isnt the best Ive ever had. BUT it was pretty dang good. I do recommend this restaurant although it initially added to my crabby pants.

#2. Great Harvest Bread. Great Harvest is right next to La Isla soooo I got some. It is one of my favorite foods. It is pricy and really annoying for me to get using the bus so it is rare I have any. It is so amazing. I freeze half (it freezes great) so that it doesnt get dry since it is just me eating (mahaha). The best! I enjoyed it with some of my other favorite things: peanut butter, Pink Lady apple, tea, and a book. Guys, Im not a student anymore : )

#3. Flowers. I love my mom and dad. They are amazing. Like seriously. They have their faults (believe me, my teenage self pointed out every one of their faults) but I cant imagine any two people being more supportive of me. They really dont understand me (they dont have college degrees, they arent passionate about physical activity, not super interested in healthy foods, cant figure out my type A planning tendencies) but its taken me 26 years to be okay with that they dont understand me. My mom, dad, and sister are very similar and I am very different. This will always be a point of contention. I appreciate their unfaltering support even more since we are so different. They rarely question anything I do. Granted, I dont do that many crazy things Run a marathon? Sure!! Theyll be there. Spend an insane amount of money living in Seattle and going to graduate school. Okay! Get some loans! Travel in South America for 6 weeks? Have fun! Apply to 40 jobs in two months? Yes, just send them to mom for proofing. They are the best.

Your turn: are you similar to your parents? Have you ever been SO EXCITED for a meal at a restaurant only to find out they didnt have it that night??


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