Marathon training begins!

Today started with my first marathon training run! Im doing the Twin Cities Marathon on October 3rd!!! I did Seattle Rock and Roll almost a year ago and I am so ready to start training again. Ive done some half marathons within the last year but seriously I am so ready for a marathon. So I say now. Well just see how I feel in a couple months. I ran 10 miles in the SUN!! I hate Seattle weather, like a lot. It rarely makes me happy. BUT I do appreciate the runs I do in the sun because they are so rare.

Before my run I found something awesome on TV at 6 am:

How often is something so awesome on at 6 am on a Sunday?? Well, Ill tell you. NEVER! Im not one to follow sports I just have other priorities in my life but I LOVE watching people that are really good at their sport. I played tennis in high schools so I get kinda excited watching tennis. It was a good pre-run pep talk.

Then I spent the rest of the day editing a group assignment (took forever!) and doing some more final assignments. I took a break for an awesome dinner creation:

In the big bowl: broc, quinoa, green beans, mozzarella cheese, nooch, spinach, tomato sauce, Trader Joes meatless meatballs. Hit the spot. And whats that to the upper right? Roasted beets!!! Natures candy. Heres what you do. Slice beets (I dont bother to peal them) and wrap them in a foil packet with a wee bit of olive oil. Roast in oven at 400 for an hour. They are amazing, trust me. Side dishes of vegetables to my main meal of vegetables makes me a happy lady.

Monday manana? Really?


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