NEW shoes (!!), Hungry Planet, City views

Hello. Happy Monday to the world. I am establishing an unemployed routine that is quite similar to my previous Im-so-busy-I-cant-function routine with a couple changes. Im still getting up early to work out. For example, today I was at the gym by six. It is hard to get out of bed but I know that is the way I am happiest over all. Maximizing my overall utility, economics anyone? Plus, I am trying really, really hard to give myself things to do (simulate the busy life) so I dont get too down. Plus workouts ALWAYS make me happier. Then I followed up my workout with the library for some cover letter writing and an op-ed for a local professional magazine. But here are the changes. I will probably head home around 3:30 (not 7:30) to do a little job applying from home and do some novel-reading. Oh and Im blogging during the day. Goal = balance.

So some happiness for your Monday!

#1. NEW shoes. I bought new shoes!!! Note to self: I wore them March 24th so replace accordingly from that date. Im thinking my poor leg recovery could be due to old shoes. Easy solution. I tested them on a 10 miler yesterday and ticked a few seconds off my previous Sunday 10-milers. But I FELT better. I FEEL better today too. Ive been running (and fitted for) Asics GT-2170 for a couple of years. I love them. No lost toenails or nasty blisters over here. I have custom-made inserts too. Not sure why anyone would really care : )

#2. Hungry Planet. So one of the things Im going to do while Im unemployed is see some of Seattle. Yup. Three years havent seen much of Seattle. So I went over to the Burke Museum (it is actually ON the University of Washington campus and free for students so I am not sure what my excuse not to check it out earlier was) to see their exhibit Hungry Planet: What the World Eats. Heres a description from the website: Based on the book of the same title by Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluisio, this exhibit explores food traditions around the world through photographs of ten families at home, at the market, and surrounded by a week’s worth of groceries. Additional content examines a myriad of food issues in the 21st century, from sustainable farming to cultural survival. Whoa. This seems to combine all of my interests of culture, food, and culture + food. And health. I like that too. It was a small (so not overwhelming) exhibit that I highly recommend for anyone in the area.

#3 City views. Im a city girl. Dont get me wrong, nature stuff is really cool but there is something about skyscrapers that takes my breath away. I feel at HOME in cities. I feel SAFE in cities. If Im feeling homesick, all I have to do is find a skyline. My aunt was in Seattle for business again so we had a little adventure yesterday. We went grocery shopping (wooooo for not having to carry groceries home in the rain!) and out to eat. We went to Betty (it is in the Queen Anne neighborhood about half mile away from the Space Needle for anyone visiting Seattle soon) and I had the chicken dish. Now, this is VERY unlike me. I dont enjoy meat much so I rarely think it sounds like the best thing on the menu (aka my only ordering criteria) but chicken spoke to me last night. And it came with KALE (CANT GET ENOUGH). And about a whole clove of roasted garlic. Okay anyway. Good dining experience. Buuuut we checked out the view of Seattle from Kerry Park. And my heart melted.


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