Recovering legs, Pandora, Service Dogs

Hello! I am much more chipper today. Phew. It is sunny out and less windy than the last couple days and the forecast isnt so negative. MAJOR PHEW!!!! I HATE that I let the weather impact my life so much. Seriously. It is so silly, really. Something I need to continue working on. So here is some random happiness!

#1. Recovering legs. Dear legs, why do you hate me? I thought we had a good relationship. No real training 26-30 miles a week. Turns out my 10 miles kicked my butt!!! Funny because I ran a similar 10 miles the week before. In fact, my 10 miles two weeks ago was one second faster (thanks Garmin). Same route. Similar weather. So when Tuesday rolled around (my speed work day) my legs laughed at me. I opted for a seven mile non-watch slooooow run instead. And guess what!!!! I was sore throughout the day but by evening (after some walking errands) they felt a little more normal. So this morning I ran with my usual Wednesday group. And it felt waaaay better. Let me stress, I am feeling no pain. Just heavy and tired. Some something I wouldnt expect from pretty easy miles. I need new shoes. That will help. Here are my miles from today:

I ran the first lake lap with faster people and the second with slower people so hence the positive splits. Felt more normal but LOTS of foam rolling in the next could days. This gal has no insurance so NO INJURIES!!!! < my dad would probably lecture me for the rest of my life.

#2. Pandora. I love Pandora. I listen to NPR during the day a lot but Pandora is so pleasant. I am loving the Bon Iver station. Do it. Youll like it. I also like Black-eyed Peas and Lady Gaga for running and the Beatles, Wicked (yup, the musical), the Postal Service and Brandi Carlile for the rest of life.

#3. Service Dogs. Can we just stop and consider the awesome things dogs can do??? I mean how can a dog be trained to see for a human or sense when someone is going to have a seizure? Today on the Today Show they did a segment on a dog that has been trained to carry a little girls oxygen tank so she can have a more normal life. It is an amazing story and the dog and little girl are SO DANG CUTE!!!! Check it

So tell me: tips for recovering from runs (and life?), favorite pandora stations or any new artists I should know about (I have a lot of alone time in my apartment these days), and what is the coolest thing youve ever heard a dog trained to do?

Ive gotta make some lunch (my vision: corn/wheat tortilla from TJs, lentils (from a can), avocado, olive hummus from TJs (I HATED olives until about last week and now I cant get enough) heated on my George Foreman +++ carrots, jicama, red pepper on the side for some CRUNCH. And then an informational interview!!! WOOOO networking!!!! AND it is NOT raining so Im actually looking forward to going outside.


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