runs, brows, rejections

This is a quickie. Lots of group editing to do still and a Degree Project presentation to prep for. Eeeek!

I didn’t get the internship I mentioned in my last post. It’s okay I know now and I can move on. I got a good interview experience so I’m happy for that. I hate when I don’t even get an interview!

My six-mile hill/tempo treadmill run got me out of a 24-hour funk!!! I love that!! Thank gawdAnd no I didn’t resort to the treadmill because of heat (I wish) but it was freezing and raining instead. Seattle: rain and 50 degrees. Major sucko.

And then I got my brows fixed!! Every couple months I invest in a good brow waxing. Sooo worth the $$$. Even though no one except my sister notices when by brows are out of control (they are blondish) I feel so much better and more put together with them tamed.


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