snail mail

Several things made me happy yesterday.

First, snail mail. I received a card from a friend and a Starbucks Card (!!) because she knows Ive had a really rough last couple week. I have had a never ending cold, a degree project (aka thesis) and other classes and it was soooo bad for awhile. She said she was proud of me! It meant so much. Im sure that Starbucks Card will make me happy again when I spend it!

Second, the fact that my mom was willing to proof a degree project (aka thesis for other graduate programs) that is 65 pages of text. Yes. 65 pages. She was on the phone with me telling me to make words plural and add commas. Seriously. So much patience its amazing

Third, I had a really good class. I really like school. Really I do. Especially when I admire my professors and classmates as much as I do. We were goofy tonight (call if end of the quarter lack of focus) and laughed a lot and I think sometimes that what we need.


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