The hour countdown, workout lately, Seattle Art Museum

So Ive had a HUGE emotionally draining, up-and-down, quarter-life crisis kinda week. Yes, Im finishing graduate school. No, I dont have a job. I am happy Im finishing graduate school but, as of tomorrow, I am no longer a student. This is my identity. It always has been. People ask, What do you do? Response: Im a student. School was always the basis of my decisions. People ask, Why did you move to Seattle? Response: For graduate school. School was my life. It had to be. Ahhhh. Who am I now?!?!? Ive always had a flair for the dramatic
Quite emotional.

So happiness shall we?

#1. The hour countdown. So tomorrow, at 10:30 Pacific time, I will hand in my environmental health final. Ill be done. I will hold a Master of Public Health and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Washington. It is bitter-sweet. I am no longer a student. I love being a student. That said, HOLY COW!!! I have a MPH and MPA from a top programs in the country. Ive spent hours crying out of frustration and failure. I called my mom crying more time than I would ever admit. Ive said no to just about every social event in the last 2.5 years. Ive been homesick. Ive been frugal. Ive learned, Ive conquered, and Ive GROWN more than I can even express. Ive been independent. SWEET JESUS. I have been so blessed! See. My Google Homepage cover doesnt lie.

#2. Workouts lately. So this weeks workouts were pretty good. Except for the last miles of todays run. More on that in a sec. I added another 15 mins of water jogging in on Thursday (in addition to Monday) because Im really liking it. Heres how it went down for the week:
Sunday: Easy 8 miles because I thought I was getting sick (I never really did) 8:31 minute/mile average (faster than I thought I was going)
Monday: 50 minutes elip, 20 mins water jogging, 15 mins arms
Tuesday: 5 mile treadmill speed drills. I dont remember the details but it worked out to 5 miles in 40 mins. 20 mins elip, 15 mins legs
Wednesday: 7 mile group run. I found a speedy running partner. Please note those two miles that were sub 8:00 minute/mile. I had NO clue I was going that fast (it was dark) but Im certain I was carrying on a conversation! Cool. I also did some abs.

Thursday: Stair mill, elip, water jogging; 15 mins arms
Friday: 7 mile solo run 8:19 minute/mile average + 15 mins abs
Saturday: 55 minute spinning. It was a sub so I automatically thought it would be easy and sucky. But it was really challenging and awesome!
Sunday: 10 miles (yah double digits!) So this run started out pretty great. It was nasty outside but I managed several dry, but cold, miles. But the wind was intense! And I got a side stitch. I have never, ever gotten a side stitch. Well, I did in high school. I had to stop (hence the stopped time) and contemplated googling it on my phone to see what to do. I didnt. I think it was the wind that was messing with my breathing. I just got through it.


3. Seattle Art Museum. So yesterday I finally visited the Seattle Art Museum. This was the second time since September that I took a break from school longer than for a run. The only other time I spent away from my books this year was in November when I had a friend here. One of my only friends in Seattle is moving home to Boston!! So sad!!! But we went to check out the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) and it was really awesome. I REALLY like museums and they are such a treat! SAM has an exhibit on the artist Paul Gauguin. I highly recommend it. It includes an audio tour so I learned a ton about the paintings, Gauguin, and Polynesian culture. He was a French Post-Impressionist artist whose work was inspired by his travels in Polynesia. I loved his stuff.

Well. I think Im done studying for my last final. I probably should study more. But Im not going to. What I AM going to do is get to bed early, get a good workout in to wake up in the morning, and finish this graduate school thing.

Questions for you: What is the best museum youve ever been to?? My favorite was the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. Hands down. What are your biggest accomplishments? Mine are graduate school and my marathons.


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